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All of us in California District 4 are grateful to all of the men and women who give of their free time to make the District 4 Umpires Association the best in all of California and quite possibly the entire Western Region. This page is dedicated to them.

California District 4 UIC

Don Waddell

Congratulations to Norm Downing selected to umpire the LL Softball Western Region Tournament.

Congratulations to Marco Rosen selected to umpire the LL Baseball Western Region Tournament.

Congratulations to Mark Oda selected to umpire the LL Softball World Series.

2021 California 4 Umpires selected for post season tournaments

2021 Umpire Training Schedule

All training will be conducted online in 2021  Sessions will be available for registering on 3/10

Click on a date to register for a session

March 17  Session 1 - Rules: Overview, New Rules, Equipment and Safety, Rule 2

Recorded clinic #1

March 24  Session 2 - Rules 2. 3. 4, 5, 6,7

Recorded clinic #2
March 31  Session 3 - Rules 8,9, Obstruction and Interference with video examples
April 7      Session 4 - Umpire Mechanics: Introduction to basic umpire skills and responsibilities,                                              Making Calls as a Base Umpire
April 14    Session 5 - Umpire Mechanics: Plate Umpire Positioning, Calling Strikes and Balls

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